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Tac Med EDC-Turubulent & Confined Space Skills

  • North Texas SOA Range 10574 Plainview Road Krum, TX, 76249 United States (map)

This is a one-day collaboration course between LSM and DFW Defensive Training (Guy Schnitzler).
Full details and registration can be found here:
Must register through DFW Defensive Training (link above).

In modern times, people sit more than ever. Whether at work, dinner, school, church, driving, we sit the majority of our time. According to a PRNewswire.com article dated 07/17/13, “On average Americans sit for 13 hours a day and sleep for 8 hours a day giving average Americans a sediment lifestyle of 21 hours a day.” However, all this sitting does not relieve us of our responsibility of defending our loves one and our self.
In Confined Space Skills: Seated Shooting Overview we will explore the methods best suited to deploying your weapon while seated. We will draw and shoot while seated; in a chair; at a table; in a car. We will engage single and multiple targets in an environment rich with no shoot targets. This course is an exploratory course in helping you determine what method works best for your lifestyle. There will be a strong emphasis place on muzzle control and trigger finger discipline.

The medical coursework will provide students with a brief review of the principles of tactical medicine and focus on confined spaces in everyday life and solving problems within those spaces..    Students will be exposed to some sensory deprivation, time restraints, and confined spaces.  Each student will conduct a live-fire scenario at the end of class, applying the lessons learned throughout the entire training day.  Although not required, it is highly recommended that students already have taken some sort of tactical medical course prior to attending.  Students should have basic knowledge of tourniquets, chest seals, patient assessment (as it pertains to their training level), and other modern hemorrhage control techniques.  If you’re looking for a good review of your medical skills but while still challenging, this is it!    

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