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Medicine X - (restricted to law enforcement only)

  • LSM (confindential) DFW Area (map)

This class is restricted to Law Enforcement only.
The goal of this course is to train the student how and more importantly when to render correct, aggressive first aid to themselves and their team mates during an active contact engagement as they may encounter during law enforcement duties.  Each student will learn through limited lecture, plenty of hands-on skills practice, and multiple scenario-based training sessions.  Each student will conduct these scenarios using live-fire drills as individuals and in either two and/or four-man teams, utilizing both their issued sidearm and issued rifle.

Subjects covered in class:
- Pre-mission planning and medical contingencies
- Principles of tactical medicine, as they pertain to law enforcement
- Casualty movement techniques
- Patient assessments
- Identify and treat
Moderate to severe external bleeding
Modern hemorrhage control techniques
Penetrating trauma
Impaled objects
Thermal burns and blast injuries
Penetrating thoracic injuries
- Casualty Collection Points
- Evacuation considerations
- Medical equipment for team and individual

Equipment list and exact location provided upon completion of registration.



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