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Dynamic First Aid


Dynamic First Aid

This course is our basic first aid (we really don’t like using those words… “basic” or “first aid”) course which teaches the layperson how to keep someone alive and stable enough until Emergency Medical Services is available.  Just calling “911” alone is sometimes not enough.  The subjects in this class will prepare students for life-threatening medical emergencies.  Subjects range from broken bones, major bleeding, thermal burns, patient assessments, and other medical emergencies will be discussed.  Each student will demonstrate how to deal with each injury by participating in hands-on skills practice throughout the class as well as scenario based training sessions. 

Some of the subjects covered in this course:
- Medical and legal issues
- Scene Safety
- Patient assessment techniques
- Penetrating and blunt traumatic injuries
impaled objects
gunshot wounds
open & closed fractures
- General medical emergencies
allergic reactions
diabetic emergencies
- Modern hemorrhage control techniques
hemostatic agents
wound packing
pressure dressings
- Burns; thermal, electrical
- Environmental emergencies
heat/cold weather related injuries/illnesses
animal bites & stings
- Medical equipment selection


Learn by doing…

We utilize scenario-based training to help drive home the skills learned in class.