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Field & Tactical Medicine
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Dynamic First Aid

This course prepares students to handle moderate to severe injuries and illnesses related to common, daily activities. During this one-day course, students learn through minimal lectures and plenty of hands-on skills practice. This course is great for those with little to no formal medical education. This is “first aid on steroids!”

Range response

This one-day course is specifically designed for firearm instructors, match directors and anyone that spends any amount of time out on the shooting range.  Students learn how to identify and treat minor to severe injuries related to indoor and outdoor ranges.  Learning how to build a range response team and creating medical contingencies are just some of the subjects covered in class.

medicine x edc

Tactical medicine for when violent attacks happen… while in jeans and a t-shirt.  Students learn through live-fire scenarios, but only from concealment.  Learn how to treat injuries, how to carry medical gear, and when to treat injuries related to violent attacks.  Specific prerequisites are required.

Pro re nata

What happens when you run out of medical supplies or you find yourself without your trusty med kit?  This improvised medicine class debunks a lot of myths and helps you better prepare for thinking way outside the box.

Medic 1

The “Medic 1” class is two-days filled with lectures, skills practices, and scenarios with live role players. Students will learn how to identify and treat injuries related to car wrecks, falls, allergic reactions, penetrating and blunt trauma, chest injuries, patient assessments, medical gear selection, and more. Our goal in this class is not to make you the medic, but what to do until the medics get there.

Hunter’s Field Medicine

You don’t have to outrun the bear, just outrun your hunting buddy!  But what happens when your hunting buddy outruns you?  This one-day class prepares students for dealing with injuries related to their specific hunting environment.  Medical contingencies/planning are also covered in this course as well.

Dynamic patrol

Law Enforcement officers are constantly finding themselves in danger during their shift.  This course prepares officers for when they or another officer is down but not out.  If you carry a badge and a gun; you need this course!

tac med edc

Students learn how and when to identify and treat immediate life-threatening injuries related to acts of violence.  Learn what type of medical gear you need, how to carry it as part of your Everyday Carry items (EDC), and most importantly how to maximize those items when you or someone you care about is severely injured.

Medic 2

Following the “Medic 1” course, this course provides an introduction into wound management and basic anatomy/physiology, establishing and understanding vital signs, OTC medications and antibiotics, long distance evacuations, medical contingency planning, and more.

medicine x

Two-days of shoot, move, communicate, dragging casualties, and slappin’ tourniquets on!  Students learn through participating in live-fire scenarios using their carbine and pistol, how to implement the principles of tactical medicine to care for themselves and others.  Specific prerequisites are required.

Mommy Medics

A pediatric first aid course for moms and grandmas only!  Learn what to do when your kid is being a kid… while enjoying mimosas.