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Hunter’s Field Medicine


Hunter’s Field Medicine

Hunter’s Field Medicine:

This extensive ten-hour course is designed with the hunter in mind. Whether your hunting Texas Whitetail Deer, or stalking the elusive Jackalope; this course will cover some of the illnesses/injuries that are associated with the hunting and fishing in the outdoors. This coursework can be tailored for specific hunting locations around the globe; please check when registering.

Some subjects covered:
- Medical contingencies and planning
- Wound patterns associated with hunting
- Basic human anatomy and physiology for the layperson
- Patient assessment techniques
- Modern hemorrhage control techniques
- Wound management
- Treatments for various blunt and penetrating traumatic injuries
- Environmental emergencies
Hot/Cold weather related injury/illness
Animal bites and stings
Poisonous plants
Altitude related illnesses
- Patient drags and carries for short and long distances
- Identify and treat for various types and stages of shock
- Open and closed fractures/sprains
- Eye injuries
- Evacuation considerations
- Medical equipment selection