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Lone Star Armory

Lone Star Armory

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas; Lone Star Armory is a precision firearms manufacturer specializing in building the finest and most reliable, accurate, and versatile firearms for professional and recreational use.


Tactical medical solutions

A global leading developer and manufacturer of pre-hospital medical gear for the tactical and civilian world. We currently have over 2,000 products available and a presence in 70 countries around the world. While our original purpose was supporting the military, environments changed and TacMed progressed in to servicing law enforcement, fire, EMS, rescue, and now even civilians. As a result, our product line has expanded greatly and is constantly evolving.


Minimalism is the core design ethic at Phlster. Simple, streamlined, and efficient tools are the key to effective and reliable self defense.


Tyr Group, LLC is a leader in the tracking community and well respected for their training curriculum. We are honored to be associated with them.

Located just outside Austin, Texas; KR Training provides professional firearms and self-defense related training for legally armed civilians and is host to several top instructors from across the United States. You will be hard pressed to find a more dedicated group of instructors that continue to learn as much as they teach.

Rangemaster Firearms Training Services, LLC is one of the world’s finest training organizations and provides multiple training disciplines throughout the country. The instructor cadre and their curriculum is considered to set some of the highest standards in the firearms training industry. Their annual Tactical Conference is the most comprehensive civilian self-defense event in the world, with over 40 of the industry’s top subject matter experts presenting under one roof. LSM is beyond honored and humbled to be part of Tac Con for the past several years.

We are proud to be part of the Stop The Bleed campaign that is offered throughout the US and internationally. LSM advocates and participates in the National Stop The Bleed Month (May) every year at our Dallas/Ft.Worth classroom location.

Vertx produces some of the most innovative clothing and products for demanding end users. Since 1842, Fechheimer (Vertx’s parent company) has been crafting great uniforms for America's military and public safety professionals. Over 175 years of product innovation are part of the Vertx Heritage. Vertx has been the official uniform for LSM since 2013.

Greg Ellifritz runs “Active Response Training” and produces an amazing amount of valuable information every week… and he happens to be one of the finest professional firearms/tactician instructors around. His “Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine” course is highly recommended by us here at LSM.