Lone Star Medics
Field and Tactical Medical Training/Consulting

Medic 1

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Medic 1

This is our flagship course and our most popular.  This course is perfect for those with little to no previous first aid training.  We will cover aggressive first aid for moderate to severe injuries and illnesses. Throughout class, each student will learn through minimal lectures, plenty of hands-on skills practice, and multiple scenarios involving role players. The students will participate in the skills training as individuals and as teams throughout both days. Some of the subjects covered in this course:

  • Medical & Legal Issues

  • Body Substance Isolation; Use of Protective Barrier Devices

  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology

  • Patient Assessment Techniques

  • Penetrating & Blunt Trauma; GSW, Stabbings, Crush Injuries

  • Medical Emergencies; Stroke, Diabetic Emergencies, Seizures

  • Fractures & Sprains; Broken Bones

  • Burns; Thermal, Electrical, etc.

  • Environmental Emergencies

  • Animal/Insect bites

  • Heat & cold injuries

  • Dehydration & Prevention (Caleb’s favorite)

  • Shock; Management and Treatment

  • Tourniquets & Hemostatic Agents

  • Patient Movement Techniques

  • Communicating with 911 Officials

  • Creating a Landing Zone (LZ)

  • First Aid Kits & Equipment Selection


Skills that save lives…