Lone Star Medics
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Medic 2


Medic 2

This course picks up where “Medic 1” leaves off. During this field medical course, students will be presented with a more in-depth look at identifying and treating minor to moderate to even a few life-threatening injuries. Some of the subjects may sound familiar from “Medic 1”; but this class will go into more detail than previously. This course is designed for the layperson with some previous medical training that wants to increase their medical education for home, travel, and family readiness.

Although there are no prerequisites for this course; we highly encourage students to have already had previous training similar to “Medic 1” or “Dynamic First Aid”.

Some of the subjects covered in class:
- Scene Size-Up; intro to triage systems for mass casualty incidents
- Basic anatomy and physiology for the layperson
- Patient assessment techniques for both medical and traumatic patients
- Pediatric emergencies
- K9 medical emergencies
- Infectious diseases and recommended immunizations for overseas adventures
- Review of common medications for travel and at home
- Medical equipment selection for the home, travel, and family readiness